Barnes 4wd Enduro Joints from Olympus Offroad

Olympus Offroad Is a Dealer of Barnes 4wd Products. We are excited to post this article featuring Barnes in house made Enduro joints. These are a great alternative to Heim Joints and Johny Joints. Enjoy this and remember to Shop Olympus Offroad for all your Barnes 4wd needs.
Barnes 4wd – Enduro Joint

When Barnes 4WD designed the Enduro Joint we combined the best materials, the best manufacturing processes and the best steel and poly urethane treatments available all in one joint.

The body of the Enduro Joint is Forged 4140 heat treated Chromalloy steel. We did not try to cut any corners by making a short threaded shank like a heim joint instead we give you 3.25” of 1.25-12 threaded shank. That is over one inch longer than 1.25” heims on the market.

The Enduro Joint’s ball is made from 52100 bearing steel and incorporates the high misalignment spacers all into one piece of steel that provide 40 degrees of total misalignment. Forty degrees of misalignment will net almost 33” of travel on a four foot control arm. The spherical bearing is then Hard Chrome plated to provide an ultra smooth surface and has proven to provide excellent corrosion protection.

The mounting width of the Enduro Joint is 2 5/8” and accepts a 5/8” bolt. The spanner nut locking mechanism ensures that the joint will not come apart and if ever needed an easy way to add more bearing preload. The cups that the spherical bearing rides on are an 88 durometer poly urethane that ensures maximum life, no squeaks like heim joints and they help to dampen axle vibrations felt through the chassis. The body of the joint and the spanner nut are gold zinc plated to ensure that the Enduro Joint looks great for the life of the joint.

Once the joint is fully assembled we are still not finished making the ultimate joint. Every completed Enduro Joint assembly is then Cryogenically Treated to give the Enduro Joint the most strength and greatest wear characteristics possible.

They cost $47.90 and can be found in both LEFT and RIGHT thread.



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