Zeus 50″ Dual Color in action!

As you all know by now Zeus Lightbars can now change color with a flip of a switch. Very simple and an awesome feature to have for different weather conditions on and off the trail. 100 San’an LED Chips delivering 24500 lumens at a price point of $525 is unbeatable.

The Wiring harness with relay and switch is included at no extra cost! ( $25 Value! )

– Power: 300W
– Lumens: 24500 lm
– Size: 50″
– Amp Draw(12V DC): 25A
– Dust and waterproof: IP68
– Material: Extruded 6061 Aluminum Housing
– Lens: Polycarbonate
– Dimensions ( Light outside ):52″ X 3.5″ X 4.5″

Please inquire if you have any questions about Zeus Lighting from Olympus Offroad

Here are a few shots of a Zeus equipped JKU :






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