Team Olympus Adds Tim Adkins of Strange Fabrication as Sponsored Driver

The family just keeps on getting bigger!! We are happy to add Tim Adkins of Strange Fabrication as our newest member to Team Olympus.


Tim Drives Rig #4600 with hi Co-driver Josh Chapman and has proven he has what it takes to Race with the Best!!!


#4600 is a 1994 Jeep XJ that has gone through a complete overhaul. Tim first got the jeep for $800 and raced it immediately the next weekend. After winning hi first two races Tim and His Co Driver decided to get serious and went into to full build mode. The jeep has seen a complete overhaul and every inch has been gone through and rebuilt to ensure maximum performance in all areas. Adding Tim to the Team Olympus Family ensures that Tim is part of one of the newest and fasted growing Families in Off-roading. Team Olympus Is dedicated to ensuring people reach their goals and and live their dreams. Tim is living the Dream that you can compete on a shoe string budget and stay on top with the best…. Good Luck Tim and Welcome To the Family.



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