Kanati Mud Hog Announced as Team Olympus Offroad Official Tire

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Olympus Offroad is Excited to Announce that Kanati Tires is Now the official tire of Olympus Offroad Racing. Zeus #4523 will be running the 37 x 17 X 12.50 Mudhog.

prod-mud-04-lrg Known for durability and thick sidewalls Kanati Tires is an amazing choice for Team Olympus style driving. Check them out at the Next Race in Colorado Springs at the Dirt Riot Round 2 Mountain Series Race!



Olympus Offroad Takes on the Ultra4 Eastern Series Opener – Holley EFI Clash at Crossbar

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May 20th 2017 marked the First Holley Efi Clash at Crossbar race and Opened the 2017 Eastern Series. Team Olympus made the commitment to Race the Ultra4 Eastern Series and it kicked off in the wildest fashion. Thursday, May 18th the team was faced with a bizarre May blizzard when leaving Colorado.20170518_110427.jpg

The Storm passed and regenerated itself central Kansas with Torrential Rains and Tornado Warnings. The team was delayed slightly around Salina due to the entire sky rotating around them and Convenience store clerks screaming to take cover. Excitement aside the tornado landed east of town allowing Daniel and Cory to continue their trek.

The guys arrived early Friday morning to a morning Storm soaking the track and making for a muddy day. After checking in and waiting out the worst part of the storm (or so they thought) They felt it necessary to get some pre-run time in. Upon gearing up Daniel realized they had locked their key in the Tow rig making for a fun adventure of opening it up. Thanks to the widow net bar from PRP working as a slim jim the guys soon started their muddy adventure on the track. 20170519_131853After making several laps backward on the short course they finally figured things out and ran a few in the correct direction in preparation for qualifying. Due to the elements, qualifying was canceled shortly after prerunning ended.

The course consisted of 2 loops and conditions allowed for pre running of Loop A only at this time. The drivers meeting took place at 7pm and opened the way for an adventurous evening. During the pre running Tornado sirens went off and the power went out and the flooding downpour began again only this time it did not stop. The team had planned to camp on site but due to the conditions, they made the decision to leave and find some form of a hotel.

While trying to leave the park the rain became dangerous and the main road became washed out in many areas. The primary concern was the lower main entrance which was 3+ feet deep of high moving water. For most of the crossing Cory ran out in the water to guide the tow rig through and to judge how bad It was. The final crossing proved to be the most difficult. Cory wadded into the river trying to guide Daniel through however, visibility was tough and Daniel drove off the road into 4+ feet of fast moving water. The front end of the Tow rig was submerged 90% and the rig began taking on water. Thankfully Cory had spoken with another rig behind us and they were ready to pull the team out if they got stuck, which they were, and the truck was able to recover with no serious damage.

Cory and Daniel decided to go at it one more time and were able to plow their way through to the other side and off to the Echo Canyon Resort and Spa in Sulfur Oklahoma. During this Tim Joe, Our Team Crew Chief, was flying to Dallas and had planned to meet the team. Around 11PM that night everybody met up at the tiny resort and thankfully the last room had 3 beds and conveniently, a heart shaped Jacuzzi.

After a solid night of Rest, the crew woke to a 2 hour delay to the race and a non-passable river going into the park. By this time the other team members, Scott and Shelby arrived and everybody met up and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Ihop Express in Davis Ok. So onto the race! One benefit to the rain and the wind was the car wash effect it gave Zeus #4523. With a few quirks to take care of the crew prepped for the race and lined up #2 off the line for the 4500 class.18745286_906048282869041_1540873054_o

The Race began with issues. Right from the get go another rig rolled slowing the pace of the race. The Rain caused all water crossing to rise to depths not many Ultra4 rigs have seen. Within the first half a lap water crept into the intake causing a massive power loss and Zeus dropped back to 7th place while we attempted to clear the intake.

18698938_906049056202297_1777513100_o Once fixed we were able to pick up pace only to find we were not alone. Daniel was able to make up some ground and passed 3 rigs finishing lap 1 in 4th place. Next up was the unknown region called loop b. As Zeus dropped into the trees a moderate pace was set and the rig did great. The AGR steering proved itself with the fast turn and quick response needed in tight turning areas. Half way through the lap Zeus dropped around a corner expecting to slide around and pull through thanks to the Nitro Spooled 3rd member but a hard hit and the race was over.18721386_906755612798308_48764493_o

Buried in the mud were two solid rocks that felt they needed to stay put. The hit sheared the Studs for the high steer arm and flattened the passenger front tire. Unfortunately, this impact ended the race, however, the team would finish 5th in class. While the hit could have been worse, the REID knuckles used on Zeus are mad to hold up to Daniel’s Driving. The knuckle survived and a single ½ X 20 bolt was all that was needed to recover the rig. Crossbar proved that Oklahoma is no joke and when you think you have an easy course, mother nature will change that fast. Many teams suffered much worse but the resilience that is Ultra4 will prove that many will be back next year to prove their worth.

While many left the day of the race the crew stayed and finally were able to pitch a tent and have a cool night under the stars next to a camp fire. Sunday showed a clear blue sky and clear driving and the crew was off to Tulsa Oklahoma for a BBQ with Ramsey Winch. 20170521_124458

3 Car washed later Zeus looked like an Ultra4 Rig again and proudly stood on display for the Entire Ramsey Winch Company Picnic. Thankfully the rest of the journey back to Colorado was peaceful and uneventful. Zeus is the Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 2 Race at Ram Offroad Park in Colorado Springs and then on to the Ultra4 Round 2 Eastern Race in Attica IN at Badlands offroad park!


Team Olympus Could not do what they do without the help of many companies and marketing partners.

It’s amazing to see the abuse everything takes and it proves that you have to run solid gear to survive.

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FOA Shocks

Lithium Pro Batteries

Ballistic Fab

Switch Pros

Raceline Wheels – This is the second race we have taken a hit and our raceline beadlock wheel stood up and took the beating without failing.

Borla Exhaust

Ramsey Winch for Just plain being Awesome and never letting us down!

Arachni Recovery Equipment because #recoverwiththebest

Factor 55

Reid Racing – The knuckle took a hard hit and is ready for more without failing!

Alumitech – For making the Best cooling products we have ever ran! We have never had a cooling issue and even when caked with 3 inches of mud they work flawlessly.

Nitro Gear and Axle – We are going on 2 years with the same third on original bearings and not one issue period. Never a broken or tweaked shaft.

Steinjager – Making Heim joints that have held up to everything we throw at it!

Hired Gun Offroad – Makes the best Oil Pan period. Never 1 issue with Oiling.

AGR Steerco – Amazing Steering that has performed flawlessly since day one and have never failed. Super tight!




Barnes 4wd Enduro Joints from Olympus Offroad

Olympus Offroad Is a Dealer of Barnes 4wd Products. We are excited to post this article featuring Barnes in house made Enduro joints. These are a great alternative to Heim Joints and Johny Joints. Enjoy this and remember to Shop Olympus Offroad for all your Barnes 4wd needs.
Barnes 4wd – Enduro Joint

When Barnes 4WD designed the Enduro Joint we combined the best materials, the best manufacturing processes and the best steel and poly urethane treatments available all in one joint.

The body of the Enduro Joint is Forged 4140 heat treated Chromalloy steel. We did not try to cut any corners by making a short threaded shank like a heim joint instead we give you 3.25” of 1.25-12 threaded shank. That is over one inch longer than 1.25” heims on the market.

The Enduro Joint’s ball is made from 52100 bearing steel and incorporates the high misalignment spacers all into one piece of steel that provide 40 degrees of total misalignment. Forty degrees of misalignment will net almost 33” of travel on a four foot control arm. The spherical bearing is then Hard Chrome plated to provide an ultra smooth surface and has proven to provide excellent corrosion protection.

The mounting width of the Enduro Joint is 2 5/8” and accepts a 5/8” bolt. The spanner nut locking mechanism ensures that the joint will not come apart and if ever needed an easy way to add more bearing preload. The cups that the spherical bearing rides on are an 88 durometer poly urethane that ensures maximum life, no squeaks like heim joints and they help to dampen axle vibrations felt through the chassis. The body of the joint and the spanner nut are gold zinc plated to ensure that the Enduro Joint looks great for the life of the joint.

Once the joint is fully assembled we are still not finished making the ultimate joint. Every completed Enduro Joint assembly is then Cryogenically Treated to give the Enduro Joint the most strength and greatest wear characteristics possible.

They cost $47.90 and can be found in both LEFT and RIGHT thread.


WJ Stubby Winch Bumper from Olympus Offroad

In 1999, Jeep released the Jeep Grand Cherokee nicknamed the WJ. The Grand Cherokee (WJ) for multiple reasons, has been somewhat neglected when it comes to aftermarket support. There are several companies who have made a few things, but nobody truly embraced the WJ. At Olympus Offroad, we offer quality products that jeepers truly want and will not break the bank. Most WJ owners are a younger generation, possibly first time jeepers, who wants their rig to not only be functional but look good as well.

20170413_183034.jpgA WJ is known for being a bit more “Luxurious” as it offers leather seats, a comfortable ride, and higher-end styling. People want comfort and functionality and the WJ is the best of both worlds. However, there can be a few improvements such as the “A arm” TRE style setup. Overall, the geometry is spot on, and the WJ is ready hit a big boy trail. Olympus decided that it was time to show some love in the WJ world. The idea was to develop a product, price it at a point that the average consumer can afford, and give a quality product previously not offered. The first item Olympus Offroad decided was a WJ Stubby Bumper. WJ winch bumpers are known to be a bit steep in price, reaching around $1000. WJ stubby bumpers were a little cheaper at around $500, but still expensive for the average consumer.20170413_183228.jpgWhile there can be a few improvements such as the rear “A arm” TRE style setup, the geometry is spot on and read to setup to take on the big boy trail. In the end, Olympus decided that it was time to show some Love to the WJ world. The idea was to develop a product offering, price it at a point that the average consumer can afford and give a quality product previously not offered. The first item Olympus Offroad decided on was a WJ Stubby Bumper. WJ winch bumpers are known to be a bit pricey and around $1000 on average with a few Stubby bumpers coming in around the $500 price range. 20170413_183053.jpg Daniel and Cory sat down and made a decision that Olympus was going to hit the $300 mark, for a quality WJ Stubby Winch Bumper designed as a Baja Pre-runner

20170413_183018.jpgThe bumper uses 3/16” plate for the winch bolt on support. The Lower skid section uses Dimple-died 10 gauge steel. The tubing consists of 1.5” Tube for the main section and pre runner bars. This base has proven to be an acceptable design in the market and feedback has been tremendously for the overall style. Customer have the option to build a bumper nearly ala cart in that they can select the pre-runner style, rock crawler stinger style, they can choose to add additional D-ring shackle mounts an optional style with radiator skid support and more. 20170413_184532.jpgOlympus has a long list of items coming to market for the WJ world and is poised to take on the market by storm.

SHOP Bumpers NOW!

Make sure to follow Olympus Offroad on Facebook and Instagram for more information and continued product release and more. The Company Motto of Olympus is “Dream it Live it”. If you have a dream Olympus can help you live it.


Arachni Recovery Equipment A.R.E. Offroad


Arachni Recovery Equipment, also known as A.R.E. Offroad, is a line of recovery products from Olympus International. The goal from the beginning was to offer the best products for the best price and be able to provide the best warranty for any recovery product. The first product launched was a super strong custom blend 12 strand winch rope. With a less than 1% failure rate this winch rope is by far the best option for all areas of recovery. 20161123_134021Early on the colors selection was limited but that changed quickly. To this day there have been over 30 different color options produces. While some colors are more unique, a standard portfolio of winch ropes are available.



In 2016 the very first CAMOFLUAGE winch rope was finalized and produced.20161110_190117_001.jpg

The ability to blend multiple colors into one rope giving the rope a custom camo look was a first of its kind. The next custom color winch line was the Red White and Blue USA color blend.20161110_190223.jpg

The 12 standard 12 strand winch line from ARE Offroad has been used for everything from Offroading in the Australian Outback to Racing at the King of the Hammers to deep snow recovery in Utah.Third-KOH-large

Arachni winch line has proven itself to be the best option for a synthetic winch rope. ARE offers a 3 year warranty on their winch line versus the standard 1 year warranty seen by many. If your rope fails you simply send it to us and we will either repair it or replace free of charge during the warranty period. When you are in need of recovery gear, remember to Recover with ARE and Recover with the Best.