Barnes 4wd Enduro Joints from Olympus Offroad

Olympus Offroad Is a Dealer of Barnes 4wd Products. We are excited to post this article featuring Barnes in house made Enduro joints. These are a great alternative to Heim Joints and Johny Joints. Enjoy this and remember to Shop Olympus Offroad for all your Barnes 4wd needs.
Barnes 4wd – Enduro Joint

When Barnes 4WD designed the Enduro Joint we combined the best materials, the best manufacturing processes and the best steel and poly urethane treatments available all in one joint.

The body of the Enduro Joint is Forged 4140 heat treated Chromalloy steel. We did not try to cut any corners by making a short threaded shank like a heim joint instead we give you 3.25” of 1.25-12 threaded shank. That is over one inch longer than 1.25” heims on the market.

The Enduro Joint’s ball is made from 52100 bearing steel and incorporates the high misalignment spacers all into one piece of steel that provide 40 degrees of total misalignment. Forty degrees of misalignment will net almost 33” of travel on a four foot control arm. The spherical bearing is then Hard Chrome plated to provide an ultra smooth surface and has proven to provide excellent corrosion protection.

The mounting width of the Enduro Joint is 2 5/8” and accepts a 5/8” bolt. The spanner nut locking mechanism ensures that the joint will not come apart and if ever needed an easy way to add more bearing preload. The cups that the spherical bearing rides on are an 88 durometer poly urethane that ensures maximum life, no squeaks like heim joints and they help to dampen axle vibrations felt through the chassis. The body of the joint and the spanner nut are gold zinc plated to ensure that the Enduro Joint looks great for the life of the joint.

Once the joint is fully assembled we are still not finished making the ultimate joint. Every completed Enduro Joint assembly is then Cryogenically Treated to give the Enduro Joint the most strength and greatest wear characteristics possible.

They cost $47.90 and can be found in both LEFT and RIGHT thread.


WJ Stubby Winch Bumper from Olympus Offroad

In 1999, Jeep released the Jeep Grand Cherokee nicknamed the WJ. The Grand Cherokee (WJ) for multiple reasons, has been somewhat neglected when it comes to aftermarket support. There are several companies who have made a few things, but nobody truly embraced the WJ. At Olympus Offroad, we offer quality products that jeepers truly want and will not break the bank. Most WJ owners are a younger generation, possibly first time jeepers, who wants their rig to not only be functional but look good as well.

20170413_183034.jpgA WJ is known for being a bit more “Luxurious” as it offers leather seats, a comfortable ride, and higher-end styling. People want comfort and functionality and the WJ is the best of both worlds. However, there can be a few improvements such as the “A arm” TRE style setup. Overall, the geometry is spot on, and the WJ is ready hit a big boy trail. Olympus decided that it was time to show some love in the WJ world. The idea was to develop a product, price it at a point that the average consumer can afford, and give a quality product previously not offered. The first item Olympus Offroad decided was a WJ Stubby Bumper. WJ winch bumpers are known to be a bit steep in price, reaching around $1000. WJ stubby bumpers were a little cheaper at around $500, but still expensive for the average consumer.20170413_183228.jpgWhile there can be a few improvements such as the rear “A arm” TRE style setup, the geometry is spot on and read to setup to take on the big boy trail. In the end, Olympus decided that it was time to show some Love to the WJ world. The idea was to develop a product offering, price it at a point that the average consumer can afford and give a quality product previously not offered. The first item Olympus Offroad decided on was a WJ Stubby Bumper. WJ winch bumpers are known to be a bit pricey and around $1000 on average with a few Stubby bumpers coming in around the $500 price range. 20170413_183053.jpg Daniel and Cory sat down and made a decision that Olympus was going to hit the $300 mark, for a quality WJ Stubby Winch Bumper designed as a Baja Pre-runner

20170413_183018.jpgThe bumper uses 3/16” plate for the winch bolt on support. The Lower skid section uses Dimple-died 10 gauge steel. The tubing consists of 1.5” Tube for the main section and pre runner bars. This base has proven to be an acceptable design in the market and feedback has been tremendously for the overall style. Customer have the option to build a bumper nearly ala cart in that they can select the pre-runner style, rock crawler stinger style, they can choose to add additional D-ring shackle mounts an optional style with radiator skid support and more. 20170413_184532.jpgOlympus has a long list of items coming to market for the WJ world and is poised to take on the market by storm.

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Arachni Recovery Equipment A.R.E. Offroad


Arachni Recovery Equipment, also known as A.R.E. Offroad, is a line of recovery products from Olympus International. The goal from the beginning was to offer the best products for the best price and be able to provide the best warranty for any recovery product. The first product launched was a super strong custom blend 12 strand winch rope. With a less than 1% failure rate this winch rope is by far the best option for all areas of recovery. 20161123_134021Early on the colors selection was limited but that changed quickly. To this day there have been over 30 different color options produces. While some colors are more unique, a standard portfolio of winch ropes are available.



In 2016 the very first CAMOFLUAGE winch rope was finalized and produced.20161110_190117_001.jpg

The ability to blend multiple colors into one rope giving the rope a custom camo look was a first of its kind. The next custom color winch line was the Red White and Blue USA color blend.20161110_190223.jpg

The 12 standard 12 strand winch line from ARE Offroad has been used for everything from Offroading in the Australian Outback to Racing at the King of the Hammers to deep snow recovery in Utah.Third-KOH-large

Arachni winch line has proven itself to be the best option for a synthetic winch rope. ARE offers a 3 year warranty on their winch line versus the standard 1 year warranty seen by many. If your rope fails you simply send it to us and we will either repair it or replace free of charge during the warranty period. When you are in need of recovery gear, remember to Recover with ARE and Recover with the Best.

Cree vs Epistar Led chips Does it really make a difference?

Consumers today are faced with an unprecedented availability of Led Lighting products. While the concept of Led lighting has been around for nearly 100 years it is only the last 10 years that technology has made great strides to push LED lighting to the forefront of output and efficiency. Recently Cree, a global company with facilities worldwide, produce an LED chip that was able to sustain a whopping 250 Lumens per watt. While this of course was in a lab setting, the leap forward to brighter and more efficient products is creating an opportunity to produce products at lower prices. The off-road industry has seen the use of LED Lighting increase exponentially as more and more companies are diving into the world of off-road lighting.

Currently the two most popular brands of Led chips seen on the market are the Chips from both Cree and Epistar.

Today we will focus on CREE


Cree has been making led chips now for nearly 30 years and is the industry leader in development and production. While Cree started as an American Company, recent years have lent to outsourcing and development of global operations. The largest facilities are operated out of China.

The most common Led Chips used in Off-Road Lighting products are the standard CXP XP-C XP-G XP-E and XM-L lines.


While most simply advertise the use of a CREE led chip, it is good to understand the differences and or what specific led chips is in use. CXP line is the entry line and is relatively low cost and the lumens per watt rating is much lower than the XML or XPG line. The CXP line is also an array and or COB style chip in that it incorporates a larger number of smaller elements that act as one. This chip is common to many pod and or work style lights designed to use a single chip and or light up a wide area.

The XP-C Line is the most widely used chip as it is the cheapest chip while producing a decent output.XLamp-XP-C On average typical users can see roughly 85 lumens per watt in lighting products that utilize the XP-C Line. This led chips is much smaller than most and is extremely efficient. This chip is a fragile chip and is not durable to moisture and other function disabling elements.

The XP-G Line is very similar to the XP-C line however it offers a higher average output of roughly 93 lumens per watt.XML_med

The XP-E and the XML line are where we start to see a divide in output and efficiency.


Both chips have evolved and have reached the ability to achieve up to 150 Lumens per watt. While the ability to use more lumens per watt is attractive, proper thermal control and power distribution is the key to optimum efficiency. Higher rated chips need a thermal distribution system that removes as much heat as possible as fast as possible. Larger chips also need power conditioning and stability to provide not only enough power but an adequate amount. Using superior circuitry and components are key to utilizing the most potential possible.

Cree chips are a fantastic option for Offroad Led Lighting products and have become the “go to” brand for most consumers. While CREE does not actually produce final products there elements can be seen across the globe in many companies’ products. Buying Cree does not mean you are buying a “Made in USA” product nor does it mean you are buying the highest quality. In the end a CREE chip is only as good as the PCB it is placed on!

Next time we will talk about Epistar!

PureCopper Technology From Zeus Lighting Products

PureCopper technology is used in the latest Lighting products from Zeus Led Lighting. The idea to use a Pure copper PCB finds it roots in science. Copper is one of the best conductors of electricity while maintaining a relatively low cost compared to Gold or Silver.


PureCopper technology far surpasses other PCB boards in its ability to not only carry more current but it’s ability to remove heat from vital elements extending the life durability and maximum output.Boards feature an innovative new thermal technology. This thermal concept works by locating a thermal pad directly under each LED that connects directly to the metal core of the PCB.Cheaper more typical nonmetal based PCBs have a dielectric layer between the LED and the core reducing the thermal conductivity.. Test shows the LEDs run as much as 18-24°C cooler vs cheaper PCBs.

PureCopper Boards are rated as a Heavy copper board. The use of a substantial amount of copper; over 3 ounces per board, aids in increasing the current carrying capacity and increase the thermal strain over traditional boards. Once Boards are finished, they are coated and laminated increasing durability and moisture resistance and protection.


What does all this mean?

By using a PureCopper board, consumers are guaranteed to have the brightest and longest lasting Lighting products available today.By using the latest Creeand San’an Led Chips and combing them with PureCopper boards, Zeus Lighting products are able to reach an unrivaled average of 130 Lumens per watt.


All Zues Lighting Products are backed for Life!